Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mila Kunis is Hot in Any Position

It’s not secret the WO loves Mila Kunis. Shocking? We know. Yes, she’s one of the hottest Ukrainians you’ll ever see. Oddly enough, she’s one of the few WO List girls, whose significant other we (at least some of us) approve of. Macaulay Culkin was pimp in Party Monster and Saved!. Not the point. We love Mila. This is where we shout out Complex Magazine. I read it, so I approve. Perusing their website I came across this picture.

I’m not quite sure what the photographer was going for with it. She’s hot as always, but is she about to take a piss? I've seen girls in that position before... in various places. Look at the way the dress is getting hiked up. I’m just saying. Not that I’d kick Mila out of my backyard for taking a leak, but still… I’m not too sure this is the shot I would have taken if I was the photographer. I don’t know, perhaps it’s just me… I just needed to share with someone. If it is a picture of her about to take a leak, I'll fully admit that I've never seen a girl look that good while in the process. That is all. I'll stop before I'm ashamed of myself.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Summer Glau!

Well if I didn't randomly log into IMDB today, I would have never know the world's hottest sci-fi poster girl was turning 27 years old.

I'll be honest. I didn't watch Firefly, although I saw Serenity. It was the Sarah Connor Chronicles that really brought Summer to the WO's attention. She even made the show watchable. Okay. I would have watched it anyway. Not the point. She's a constant contender in The WO's List (if only on the bubble some weeks). We can overlook you being a Cowboys fan. After all, you're a prima ballerina.

The WO happily wishes Summer a very happy birthday.
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Happy Bithday Summer. :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The WO Poll - July 08

Life has been hectic for us all, but with the help of R.U.D.I. (Referential Universal Digital Indexer) the WO’s computer, July’s list is done. The numbers have been crunched, the ties have been broken, and now it’s up for you to enjoy.

1. (1) Kristen Bell – Once again, Kristen has a tight grasp on the number one spot. Once again, she blew all the other competition out of the water. What more can be said about her? It’s been proven time and time again, that Kristen Bell is the W.O. “it” girl of the year… so far.

2. (2) Elisha Cuthbert – Another month removed from Sean Avery, and another month in the number two slot. Buford recently watched Old School again, and was quite impressed. With a few projects in production and in post-production, we’re willing to bet she’ll be near the top for awhile.

3.(3) Jennifer Love Hewitt – Holding on strong in the number three spot once again, JLH remains in our minds and hearts. Ghost Whisperer still makes it on TV, and she is executive producing and voicing a character for the upcoming animated series, Angry Little Girls. The girl is keeping busy.

4.(5) Katherine Heigl – Another romantic comedy in the works. Go figure. Heigl moves up a slot. Although some at the WO feel that Knocked Up is a tad overrated, she was in it, and a few of us watched it again recently.

5.(4) Olivia Munn – Down a spot, but don’t fret Olivia. We still love you. I’m sure we’ll love you even more when The Slammin’ Salmon comes out. You know how we love Broken Lizard movies.

6.(9) Mandy Moore – Taking a huge leap up the list. We’ll maybe not huge, but she moves a few spots. Who knew Mandy was a UFC fan? That’s pretty sexy. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this video was brought to our attention. Click Here For Link Thank you Smash on Yahoo! Music for making this HOT cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” possible. Shut up. It’s good.

7.(7) Keira Knightley – Miss Number Seven. She pulled into the seven slot in May, and hasn’t left since. What’s ahead for Keira? More period pieces. She’s most likely the only reason any of us would even consider sitting through them. God bless you for making us all cultured.

8.(8) Blake Lively – Holding strong in the number eight slot is Buford’s discovery. If I’m going under the bus for the Mandy Moore video, then he goes under for being an avid Gossip Girl watcher.

9.(6) Megan Fox – Taking a dive, Megan switches spots with Mandy. It happens from time to time. We haven’t seen her in awhile, but I don’t see her dropping off the list next month. She’s in Whore with Ron Jeremy and a Transformers sequel. If that isn’t geek cred, well I just don’t know what is.

10.(NR) Gracyanne Barbosa – Climbing back out of the bubble and sending Vida Guerra down, Gracyanne pulls through with big news. She has been reupped as a Carnaval Queen. At least that’s what our Brazilian informants have told us. I can’t read the link, but maybe you can. Click Here For Link

And once again the list comes to a close. Vida Guerra, as mentioned before, finds her way into the bubble. The company remains good down there with Lingerie Football League player Reby Sky, Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba. There are also some new comers to the bubble including Julia Stiles, Anne “Agent 99” Hathaway and Cynthia “I’m getting half of everything” Rodriguez.

We’ll see you next month, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Let us know how you feel about the list. Who’s missing? Who shouldn’t be there? You know the drill.