Monday, December 31, 2007

The First WO Poll - Women We Love

We live our lives by rankings here at the WO. AP College rankings. Top 5 bands. Top 5 books. Top 5 movies. The list could go on forever. But one list was constantly changing, and it involves the women we love. Not the wives or girlfriends mind you, but the celebs that make chick flicks watchable for us less evolved males, that tend to contribute here.

Thanks to Buford who put together a lot of the write up's... I'm here to post this.
(Much later than I said I would)


1. Kristen Bell For the first time ever, sky rocketing to the top from the bubble we bring you KBell. Only Veronica Mars could knock the next person out of the top spot. She is the future "IT" girl. Not much more can be said.

2. Jennifer Love Hewitt Before the poll was even a thought at WO, JLH was the front runner for years. Her appearance in the two spot has more to do with the emergence of K Bell, and less to do with her dating (ed- engaged to) yet another douchebag.

3. Jessica Alba -- This is going to be a short lived ranking for Miss Alba. She went and got knocked up. Now sure, all pregnant women are beautiful… But only when you are married to them. Since none of us are married to Miss Alba, well... lets just say….I hope there isn't a scar issue. Because...No.

4. Megan Fox

5. Jessica Biel Yes Please. She keeps getting better. Although, I still fondly remember her as the drunken slut from Rules of Attraction. Because drunken sluts are awesome. Hot drunken sluts are even better. I think she has done other things as well…not sure.

6. Two Way Tie

(6)Kate Beckinsale

(6)Elisha Cuthbert

8. Three Way Tie

(8)Gisele Bundchen

(8)Nicole Kidman The one 'veteran' to make the list. We still remember that she showed the goods before, and we are forgetting that she was married to Tom Cruise. Will Keith Urban bring her up or down? I guess we will find out during the next poll.

(8)Mandy Moore

So that closes out the first ever WO 'Women We Love' Top Ten, but it's not enough. Now we will bring you the bubble women. After all the AP does it for NCAA basketball.

Anne Hathaway She just missed the list. Hanging on after back to back boobie movies. I don't expect her to last. Unless she has something in the hopper that we are not aware of yet. And not a Devil Wears Prada sequel.

Hayden Panettiere -- Making her move. She is an up and comer, and the Cheerleading outfits are NOT hurting her. If Heroes gets cancelled. This pick never happened.

Lacey Chabert

Vida Guerra

Jennifer Lopez

Keira Knightley

Blake Lively -- Gossip Girl… she is ridiculously hot. If the show lasts, she will be crack the rankings in short order.

Elisabeth Shue

Mayra Veronica

And that brings us to a close. Comments, critiques, anything is appreciated. We'll be back to entertainment posts in the 08. Until then, have a safe and happy new year!!

With much respect,
the WO staff

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Quick Hello

Welcome to the brand new W.O. blog. The current roster of Buford, Barry, Doug and Speed is stronger than ever.

For those of you who don’t know us, we are a group of guys brought together under the flag of Metro. From our home-bases in Jersey and Virginia, all things are discussed. We don’t believe in filters, and have no regard for the innocent and guilty.

So again welcome, and come back often. Give us a shout on our myspace page. Spread the word. The Worthless Opinions Revolution is nigh..