Monday, April 7, 2008


Another month…. Another poll…. There was some quality internal movement this time around, with two new wonderful women making the list. It looks like we aren’t as lazy as we thought, if you don’t look at the amount of posts that have been going up of course. The format is still a work in progress. If you know how to fix it for us, well let us know. The WO Headquarters may know a lot about terrible movies, but not so much about the internet.

Now it’s important to remember with movement, that sometimes when shows go into hiatus or people leave the public eye… women tend to slip in the polls. This isn’t something we thought about consciously, but it is becoming more and more evident.

On to the rankings...
1. (1) Kristen Bell - Four in a row. Heroes may not be on right now, but Veronica Mars is getting her face out there with the Forgetting Sarah Marshall trailer. It’s still early, but she’s making a strong push for WO Woman of the Year so far.

2. (4) Elisha Cuthbert - Making a strong push up the poll. She just seems to be everywhere lately, from TV pilots all the way to our dreams. She is proving herself to be a strong contender knocking JLH out of the top 2 spots for the first time ever.

3. (2) Jennifer Love Hewitt - Is this the beginning of the end? Douchey fiancé? Check. Lack of exposure outside of Ghost Whisperer? Check. It may break our hearts, but this could be the beginning of a downward slide for a once mighty mainstay.

4. (NR) Katherine Heigl - Not doing much right now, but somehow makes a huge leap from the bubble to the number 4 spot. Let’s not kid ourselves though… can you think of a time she wasn’t hot?

5. (7) Keira Knightley - Jumping up a couple of spots. Why? For Barry, it was because she was the only thing that made Atonement watchable on DVD.

6. (3) Mandy Moore - She slipped a little, but she’ll make a comeback. Hopefully. Is she attached to anything? Mandy, what are you doing? Help us out!

7. (6) Hayden Panettiere - Drops down a spot, and I guess you can blame Heigl for that. Not to mention we have to wait till Fall for more Heroes. Still she played Cheetara on Robot Chicken last year. That’s enough to keep her up.

8. (9) Vida Guerra - Hot. A certain member of the WO’s love for latin ladies comes through again, moving her up a spot. What more can we say? She’s a Jersey Girl.

9. (8) Megan Fox - Another slide from a girl that could break a giant transforming robot’s heart. I think she’s still a contender. With a film currently in post production and one filming, she needs to do something, and soon.

10. (NR) Gracyanne Barbosa - Out of nowhere… who is this girl? I didn’t know, but I did my research. She’s a dancer for the brazilian band Tchakabum. A member is definitely expanding our horizons, bringing girls like this to the fold.

And that is the poll for April 08. Falling off the poll were Summer Glau and Blake Lively, but I’m not sure I’d count them out for next month. Glau (for example) lost in a tie breaker for that number 10 spot this month. Sitting in the bubble besides Summer? Jessica Biel, Julia Stiles and Kristin Holt (someone has been watching way too much G4 at work).