Monday, June 16, 2008


Shocker. The poll is late. I’ve used the excuse before, and have made empty promises. Still there have been huge shakeups in the lives of current WO members and correspondents. A change is coming, but bear with us in the mean time. At least we have the poll to fall back on.

1. (1) Kristen Bell – For the first time in recorded WO history. Someone gets a perfect score across the board. Any guesses who it may be?

2. (4) Elisha Cuthbert – It seems like people have forgotten about Avery. But it’s easy to forget a flash in the pan douche. Cuthbert returns to glory.

3. (2) Jennifer Love Hewitt – Slips a spot, but we still love her. I’m too lazy to check IMDB to find out if she has any projects in the works. At least there is the chance of nighty shots in Ghost Whisperer.

4. (6) Olivia Munn – The G4 girl is gaining steam. I have nothing witty to write here this time. Image search her. It’s well worth your time.

5. (3) Katherine Heigl – Slips a few spots, but with the way she shot up the charts it was almost expected.

6. (5) Megan Fox – You can thank Olivia for Megan’s drop off. Nothing more and nothing less. Visibility can help and hurt anyone on the list.

7. (7) Keira Knightley – Stays the same. Still hot.

8. (NR) Blake Lively – Buford’s girl makes a huge push, and lands herself in the number 8 slot on the list. Odds are currently 10:1 you’ll see Buford in line August 6th for opening night of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

9. (8) Mandy Moore – Victim of the Blake leapfrog. This beautiful New Hampshire woman needs to get something going. Mandy are you out there? Again… help us out. A Walk to Remember 2? Anything?

10. (9) Vida Guerra – The Jersey girl also takes a hit on the list via Ms. Lively. Currently filming Strawberries for the Homeless. I can guarantee I won’t see this film, but the WO HQ will love the commercials.

And so goes the list. Gracyanne Barbosa drops out of the number ten spot, and back into the bubble. Don’t get us wrong. The bubble is NOT a bad place to be. Miss Barbosa has some great company in there. The New York Giants Girl, Reby Sky, and tennis vixen Maria Sharapova have both gained entry into the WO bubble. These three beautiful and talented women join last week’s bubble girls of Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere. Unfortunately we lose Kristin Holt, who drops back into the list of ordinary women, but I wouldn’t count her out just yet. The list is unpredictable. Join us next month to see who finds WO glory, and who suffers WO defeat.


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