Monday, December 1, 2008

The Wo Poll – November 08

We all make mistakes. The WO Poll editorial staff made a huge one by not putting pressure on ourselves to get the poll out in November. Yes I know it is December 1st, but deal with it. The Red Bulls had a hell of a miracle MLS playoff run, which we couldn’t stop obsessing over. Beyond our half assed apology… four new women make their way into the poll, and for the first time ever… Mandy Moore is not on the list. Let’s see how it turned out… cough cough ahem… a month late.

1. (1) Jennifer Love Hewitt – No. The WO staff will not give up on her. The good news? Ghost Whisperer is in full swing, so we can see her week in and week out. The bad news? Word on the street is that she already has a wedding dress picked out for her eventual wedding with Ross McCall. We love her too much, and can’t possibly hope it gets called off. Still it saddens us that we never got our shot.

2. (2) Kristen Bell – I (Barry) have DVR’d the entire season of Heroes, but have heard through the grape vine that I won’t be happy with the Bell exposure. She’s been with Dax Shepard for around a year now, which we can live with. Our main problem lies in the fact that they will be co-stars in the upcoming When In Rome. Couples working together in Hollywood upsets us. Deeply.

3. (NR) Mila Kunis – God damn you’re hot. Sorry for the language Bible thumpers. Mila is just everywhere these days, and just keeps getting hotter and hotter. She recently signed on for the Denzel Washington vehicle The Book of Eli, where he travels around a post apocalyptic USA. I don’t predict Mad Max level awesomeness, but Mila Kunis can run our Bartertown any day.

4. (3) Elisha Cuthbert – Turned (at press time) 26 years old this month (Nov. 30th for the fanboys). She is a beautiful young working actress…. I really don’t know what else to say this month.

5. (9) Megan Fox – Skyrocketing up from the nine spot is overly sexy Megan. If you’re not into geek culture you might not have heard of the Wonder Woman hoax. Well that’s what the Brits are calling it. Megan Fox dressed up like Wonder Woman (not picked for the movie… yet… ) fake or not… was enough to get our blood boiling with geekified lust.

6. (NR) Kristen Stewart – It takes a certain type of woman to put up with a WO staff member, and although it comes into question at times… yes we are all straight. There is give and take in relationships though, and some of us may or may not have seen Twilight. Now beyond the bad kabuki makeup on the vampires and the fact that they invented stupid new rules and descriptions for/about vampires… Kristen Stewart is the only thing that made this movie tolerable. Although Stephanie Meyer may never figure out what a real vampire is… Kristen Stewart (and the rest of the girls in the movie) made a shitty waste of time almost watchable.

7. (10) Katherine Heigl – Knocked Up is on while I type this. It just kind or turned out that way. She’s still hot. I can’t really say anything else about her. I’m just going to leave it at that.

8. (8) Blake Lively – Staying strong in the eight spot is Blake. I’m not going to lie. I google news’d her to see if there was anything to say about her. I should have let Buford write this up. He’s the Gossip Girl fan. Lively is smoking though. That should be enough.

9. (NR) Olivia Munn – Back from the bubble is Olivia. Ms. Attack of the Show finds herself back on the list, because… well… those pictures of her as Chung Li last month were just hot. Real hot.

10. (NR) Hayden Panettiere – Heroes is back and so is Hayden. The WO loves her, but somehow always seems to overlook her due to the hotness of some of the other Heroes girls. They know who they are. She is still an up and comer, and should be around for quite some time.

The bubble this week brings us newcomers Elizabeth Banks (Go see Zack and Miri Make a Porno… the WO supports Kevin Smith), Heroes and Jersey Girl Ali Larter, the always sexy Natalie Portman and Julia Stiles, and finally the beautiful Brazilian Sabrina Sato. Keira Knightley slides out of the top ten into the bubble, but her stay shouldn’t be long. Gracyanne Barbosa, Eliza Dushku, Brooke Burke and Jessica Alba remain in bubble limbo from last month. What will December bring?

Stay tuned for the December poll later this week. Also this month or next depending on our scheduling meeting… The WO Poll Women for 2008. Stay tuned.
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