Saturday, September 27, 2008

They picked a Morrissey song? Seriously?

Everyday is like Sunday”…..After The Smiths broke up, Morrissey moved into a solo career and sang this song about, well what all of Morrissey’s songs are about… life being miserable and just trudging along to the finish line. God, is it any wonder that his music was the anthem for teen angst in the 80’s? I believe it's also quite popular with the closeted Mexican youth of today (I read this in Esquire). I'm not judging... well, I might be, but that’s a different story. I suppose it shouldn’t be shocking, I mean, he is talented. He is just mostly depressing. I still have Smiths songs on my computer, so I guess I’m just pointing out the obvious. I don’t know. I didn’t really write this to bash Morrissey; I guess I still like him. I have been humming the song to myself for a couple of weeks now, so it’s not that I think its crap, but that brings me to my point……

For those of you that live in caves and aren’t aware, the NFL season started a few weeks ago. Needless to say there are endless commercials on Fox, CBS, ESPN, etc for the NFL, and specifically the NFL Network. The NFL Network is a channel owned and operated by the National Football League. I didn’t think this channel had a chance. I was wrong. Anyway, they are pimping the channel everywhere they can… the ‘theme’ song for the channel??? Yes, its Morrissey’s ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’. I was… ummmmm… confused? I don’t know what I thought when I heard it. It’s ridiculous. Granted, they only sing the part where he says ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’ and I get that, but the song actually isn’t saying that Sunday is a good thing… he is saying that Sundays suck… and that is how everyday feels to him. Not exactly the message they are going for, right?

With that said, I have a few issues:
1. Morrissey/Smiths fans aren’t really the demo they are going for, are they? I hope not…because I don’t think that would work out well. From what I remember, the vast majority of Morrissey fans like to sit around and talk about how the world is pointless. I can’t see them wearing cheeseheads or carrying D-Fence signs.
2. If they aren’t going for that demo and they just liked the line of the song… was this like a joke by the advertising company that pitched the idea? A bunch of ad guys in their mid 30’s that got picked on by the jocks in high school, said ‘We can TOTALLY win now, let’s make the f-ing SONG of the NFL a Morrissey song!’ So they went to the very guys that stuffed them in lockers and dropped this on them… and it wasn’t Motley Crue or Zeppelin so they had no idea. If this it what happened, that would probably be the greatest thing ever in the history of advertising.
3. Morrissey was such an anti establishment bitch in his heyday, has he finally turned to the darkside and starting selling his songs for commercial use (and legitimate profit)? I think that makes me sad on some level (we will call this level, annoying teen Buford)…but, on the other hand I am all about making as much money as you can (grown up Buford). I don’t believe in artistic integrity. I mean, he wrote the song and it became popular 20 years ago… its not like HE changed the meaning. That was done by some slick ad execs on Madison Avenue. I don’t know though, I figured he was destined to be just a cult icon… and not a corporate slut. I guess this proves that ‘selling out’ is inevitable if you want to continue on in that business. This is something that should be pointed out to all the stupid emo kids that make me want to homeschool my children.

I just can't see these guys listening to 'Louder than Bombs', can you?


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