Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Man Crush...First? Last? We will see...

Someone mentioned on Barry's Facebook that we didn't have a man list to complement our Monthly WO Poll... So, we gave it a shot. We're all about keeping it fair...I don't know if this is what she had in mind, but what the hell? It passed the time...and I barely questioned my sexuality at all putting this together! In no particular order, here it is:

Matthew McConaughey - The guy has parlayed a supporting character role in a movie from 15 years ago into a career and lifestyle. Or did his lifestyle create the role of Wooderson? Either way, I love this guy. Even his stupid movies are enjoyable to me (and really, that is most of them.) I also love the fact that he was able to successfully avoid bad press after smoking weed and playing the bongos naked. Could you imagine if that was anyone else? Seriously…this guy gets a pass from EVERYONE.

Seth Green - Seth Green is gold... even if it's gold shit.” Barry sent me that in an email. And it really sums up Seth Green. Even the crappiest show or movie he has done is totally watchable, just for his scenes if nothing else. Plus, he was in The Byrds of Paradise with JLH. Fortunately, working with JLH did not help Scott Wolf or Matthew Fox make the list.

Bruce Campbell - The B movie legend himself. Bruce Campbell brings the goods and is just awesome in everything. I’m pretty sure you could just roll up to him at a bar and start talking to him too. I’m watching him on Burn Notice every week and I’m digging it. Hell, I feel like I need to re-watch Army of Darkness and Escape from LA tonight.

Sam Elliott – I’m pretty sure there should be a picture of Sam in the dictionary next to the term ‘Bad Ass’. I have yet to see him in a movie where he wasn’t the coolest guy in it. Hell, I watched Ghost Rider (three times!) just because of Sam. Speaking of which; how did Nick Cage screw that movie up so bad? That movie almost HAD to be awesome. I’m angry again.

Giovanni Savarese – Probably the main reason we here at the WO still believe that Metro (The Red Bulls) are something to follow. Came out of nowhere in the inaugural season scored a bunch of goals and just made the first few seasons worth watching. He isn’t playing or working for the team any longer, but he is still in our hearts. Sidenote, Barry and I have met more than one celebrity in our day. Gio is the only one that turned us into little school girls when we were introduced to him.

Clint Eastwood – This guy has been kicking ass and taking names for decades. I’m afraid if he wasn’t on this list that he might come find us at the WO headquarters and just end us. You do NOT f-with Clint. Period.

Kevin Spacey - American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, Seven, he’s from Jersey, questionable sexuality…how can he NOT be on this list? I liked him in the new Superman movie too…even if I thought that new Superman movie kind of sucked.

Tommy Lee Jones – Another one of the ‘tough guys’ of Hollywood. Always cool in his movies and in interviews. I loved him in the Fugitive. Sam Gerard was just as tough as it gets. Hell, they made a sequel based on his character. They knew what was up. Big fan of all of his work (Yes, even Under Siege)…I also find it amusing that he probably has tons of awkward pictures of Al Gore getting colored on or tea bagged after ‘late nights’ at Harvard bars. And yes, Tommy is apparently wicked smaht too.

Johnny Depp – I don’t think much needs to be said about Johnny. So, I will just tell a little story instead. I was 18 years old and I was getting a tattoo. I wanted to get the same tattoo that Johnny had (the Indian head, not the wino(na) forever tattoo). Anyway, I thought it was awesome. I’m part Indian (allegedly), it’s perfect. Tattoos are supposed to mean something. So the Indian head would work two fold….Celebrate my (alleged) heritage and honor my secret man crush. So, I get there and I find the tattoo I want. The problem is its 300 bucks. I’m 18 and do not have 300 dollars, not even close…plus, my parents HATE tattoos, so I couldn’t very well ask them. Damn, I guess I wasn’t supposed to get the same tattoo as Johnny. So I found this tribal-esque Phoenix. 75 bucks. Done. I’m 18 and I have my tat and everything is awesome. Except a few years later I see it on someone else. It’s on someone from another show on Fox. Yes. I now have the same tattoo as Brian Austin Green. I guess it could have been worse. I could have gotten the same tattoo as David Faustino.

David Wright - He'll consistently give you a .300 average, with 30 HRs and 100 RBIs, he'll play an almost flawless third base, he's accommodating to fans and media, and he does everything with a smile (the ladies tell me he's easy on the eyes, too). In a world where professional athletes are aloof and self-centered (read "assholes"), David is one of those guys who "gets it". He's a throwback to a simpler time where players cared more about championships, teammates and fans than they did about paychecks. He's also a white guy, which is becoming increasingly rare these days. Where did all those guys go, anyway?


Heath Ledger - I think Heath had a chance to be something big. He made some really good movies, seemed like a down to earth guy, and (obviously) liked to party. Plus, he even tried to make gay cowboys cool…which didn’t really work out, but at least he was a top, right? I haven’t seen the Dark Knight yet, but Barry gives it rave reviews. I will always remember him from Monster’s Ball and 10 Things I Hate About You. Monster’s Ball because he showed he was a ridiculous talent and 10 things for introducing some of us to the glory that is Julia Stiles. Also, he nailed an Olsen Twin! That gets you on the list.

Steve McQueen – Does Steve still get the love he should on being the ultimate Man’s man? Probably not anymore…which is sad. This guy did it all... and he did it all with a Marlboro hanging out his mouth. For Bullitt alone, the guy needs to be mentioned every time a list like this is created.

So....There you have it...or First Man Crush list. Let us know if we left anyone off... or if we have completely gone over to the gay side...



Heather said...

Woohoo! Thanks fella's! Although have you seen the bags under Tommy Lee's eyes lately? Holy crap man!

Worthless Opinions said...

Tommy is looking a little bit rough lately, but he could still get after it if need be...which makes him that much cooler least to me.