Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barry Watched the 60th Emmy Awards

I noticed a few things about the Emmys that I wanted to share. Sure it’s not an eloquent opening, but I really don’t care.

Side note: I really wanted to edit out the accidental rhyme, but part of the beauty of the WO is the willingness of it’s contributors to jump on the grenade or perhaps under the bus. I should be slapped for that rhyme. I’m just going to let it sit there, and torture myself with it. I really really do hate it. Anyway back to the blog.

Tina Fey is up first. What can one say about Tina? Ms. Fey is hot, smart, funny and just an all around perfect woman. Can people please stop comparing her to Sarah Palin? After all Sarah Palin is none of the above. Why? Have you ever heard Palin during an interview? Not a speech prepared by a team of people trained to shape her image. I’m talking about a legit interview. I honestly think my dog is smarter than her. Tina Fey is amazing. Sarah Palin is a governor of a state no one cares about. Stop the comparisons.

Moving on…. It’s time to scold the Emmy writers. Oscars, Grammys, Mtv Whatever Awards, etc… please take note. You can’t write. You unfunny C’s ruin everything. Why do you torture us year after year with your flat humor? I blame Sean Penn. Sean… Chris Rock was hilarious. Maybe because you don’t have a sense of humor you have to go and be an ass, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Same goes to Jordan Sparks. Jordan, no one cares about your opinion. You snaked a career via an ‘effin reality show. So the Jonas Brothers wear promise rings, and someone made fun of them. Big deal. I think the more humorous aspect of the Jonas Brothers wearing promise rings is the fact that they can have almost any girl now, but by the time they’re ready to get busy… their record will be in the 99cent bin and no one would ever consider ‘effing them. Especially now that we realize they can’t defend themselves, and need Jordan Sparks to stand up for them.

Along the same lines, who likes Josh Groban? Seriously? Can someone please make this over dramatic ass stop? Please?

Sorry… back to the writers. You all suck. Give your paychecks back now. You are a disgrace to every writer that was on strike last year.

Finally (and the main reason for this post), the WO’s dreams almost came true. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hayden Panettiere present an award together. Well that may not be entirely accurate. The dream is to be in a Hewitt-Panettiere sandwich, but lets put that aside for now (perhaps that’s a whole other blog post). Amanda Beckett and Claire Bennet on stage at the same time? Be still my heart. Finally award shows seem to be throwing straight males a bone. It was a beautiful moment, and I nearly cried out of joy. What award did they announce? No clue. All I heard at that moment where birds and choirs of angels. Buford felt the same way, considering it was mentioned in the first email he sent me Monday. The WO thanks the Emmys for that. It was truly the only way to celebrate the 60th anniversary.


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