Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This sucks....

First Quarter, first game on Sunday and my season is over. I’m sure I’m not the only one that had this problem yesterday, but DAMN. Tom Brady goes down for the count in the first quarter? Yikes. My back up is Jason Campbell. I didn’t really care much about him because he was only getting into one game this season…NOW? Crap. The second I saw on the ticker that Brady was most likely done for the season I ran to the computer and picked up anyone off of the waiver wire. Turns out someone just dropped Kurt Warner. I picked him up hoping for the best. We will see, I have trouble putting my fantasy hopes into a guy that peaked 8 years ago and has been fighting for a job ever since. I don’t expect much, not much at all. Oh and to make room on the team, I had to drop my back up Tight End. What did I care?? I will just pick up a tight end when the Colts (and my starter Dallas Clark) are on a bye week……ummm. Yeah, Dallas Clark looks like might be done too (ed. it looks like he might make it...). Perfect.

I love fantasy sports….except when shit like this happens. Now I’m staring at 4 months of a crap season.

And yes...I play fantasy sports. Like Lester Bangs said "I'm not cool"


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