Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Jersey Girl's Birthday

This quick respect piece was deferred to me by Buford. He says that I’m good at throwing the quick crap together. Unfortunately there is no easy and/or quick way to write about this woman.

Growing up in my (our) part of Jersey there were a few things guys could agree on, yet the two that automatically come to mind are our love of soccer and Elisabeth Shue. On the 6th of October in the year of 1963, Delaware produced its finest product ever, and quickly gave this goddess to the only state that could contain her. Elisabeth Shue is the definition of Jersey Girl.

She played high school soccer on a boy’s team, due to the lack of girl teams at the time. She stole all of our hearts as Ali Mills in The Karate Kid. She would continue to do it again as Chris Parker in Adventures in Babysitting, Jordan Mooney in Cocktail, Jennifer Parker in Back to the Future II and III (sorry Claudia Wells), Leaving Las Vegas, The Saint, Palmetto, Hollow Man and Hamlet 2. How can one woman find her way into so many guy-flicks? Okay... so maybe a few of them aren’t exactly guy flicks… who’s paying attention that closely?

I can’t think of a single moment where Elisabeth Shue wasn’t hot. Think about it. Wines mature nicely, but they have nothing on Ms. Shue. So… she’s married to an Oscar winning Guggenheim, who helped Al Gore try to save the world, and makes all of us here at WO Headquarters look like complete scumbags. I know… I know… it wasn’t that hard, but even when we don’t have a chance, it’s nice to pretend.

Now stopping myself before I begin to write a thesis style post… The WO just wanted to wish Ms. Shue a very very happy belated birthday. Thank you for all you have given us over the years. I don’t think the WO would exist without you.


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