Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Think I Love You....

I think I love you….

"I totally plan to go back into acting once the strike stops," Reid told Pop Tarts last week at Eva Longoria-Parker's Padres Contra El Cancer's 8th Annual "El Sueno De Esperanza" benefit gala in Hollywood. "The economy is so bad right now that people are afraid to put money back into acting. Even the shows that seem new, they really shot six months ago. So when it's all back up again, I will go back into it. That's my heart," she said.

Oh Tara…… Seriously, does it get more delusional than this? We here at WO headquarters don’t pretend to be in the know on all things Hollywood, but I’m fairly confident in saying that the writers’ strike is indeed over and has been for quite some time (ed- SAG has a meeting Oct 18th to decide future, and we know that’s not what she was talking about). I love that Tara Reid has decided to continue her own personal strike in that precious little head of hers, and that is the reason why she isn’t working right now. It's not that she CANT get a job people, it’s about principles… and she has got ‘em… loads of ‘em. Smarts? Not so much.

I am willing to overlook such things. Because baby likes to party and you KNOW she is fun time. The downside (of course) is that she is already over 30. Which means, with her lifestyle she only has two years (tops) before she turns into a 3rd shift bar whore. Some might even say she has reached that level. I am not one of those people. Yet. That time is probably coming… and coming soon. But, I think she has another run in her still. And I will be anxiously waiting for it….Worst Case? There is a Cinemax movie in her future… so either way we are winners.



Anonymous said...

Tara looks like a skanky version of Kelly Ripa in the first pic.

Worthless Opinions said...

That's exactly what makers her hot.