Sunday, August 10, 2008

You can dance for us Tara……anytime.

Tara Reid was ‘allegedly’ rejected by ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for not being family friendly? I guess being an actress with a past history of excessive drinking and partying is not what ABC wants for one of their signature shows. I get that. Disney owned and all….have to keep it clean. I mean the girl WAS in American Pie. Dick and fart jokes are not their bag, I can totally accept that. Hell, I have never even seen the show…So, who am I to even question their methods for selecting……. EXCEPT, and this is what I have an issue with, in the same article it says:

“And speculation has been stirring for quite some time about whether Kim Kardashian will bring her booty into the ballroom — but it looks as though it’s going to be a double whammy this season. A Kardashian camp insider said that Kim will be battling against her mom, Kris Jenner.”

Kim Kardashian. I think she has a reality show, not sure how she got it. So, reality ‘stars’ are now more marketable for a show with C and D list celebrities than a certified actress with actual movie credits (and hits to her name)????
Oh, and Kim also blew some second rate dude in a home made porn. Yep. Ray J. I don’t know who he is either (looked him up, he is Brandy’s brother.) Somehow this made her famous. I guess. I watched some of it…partly because they said she was famous, mostly because it was porn.
ANYWAY, she does all sorts of the things to him in the video, makes her parents SO proud, gets a reality show…and yet, SOMEHOW SHE is more family friendly than Tara Reid? Come on!!!! Tara might have done some dumb shit in her private life, but she has never ‘leaked’ a porn tape…and believe me, we here at the WO HQ have looked.

In all fairness though, from my research, it appears that Kim MIGHT be the better dancer...

Anyway, Dancing with the Stars…WAKE UP! Put Tara on the show....and tell Kim that if she makes a porn video with somebody relevant next time, then maybe she can be on the show.,2933,399184,00.html

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