Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I hate you hyphen and everything you stand for!

I was watching the Red Bulls play Barcelona the other night…ehhh….I typically don’t bother with friendly games between club teams, but it was in High Def…and really, what isn’t fun to watch in High Def? So, the second half starts and they bring in their backup keeper… Caleb Patterson-Sewell. He did well for himself and I’m glad to see him get some minutes….Especially with Thornton gone…good on him. Blah, blah….

Anyway, not the point I’m trying to make. Why does he have two last names? What is THAT about? Why do guys have that now? Seriously!?!?!? I have noticed it more lately too. I’m thinking this is a fad, but maybe not. Is this more fallout from the pussification of our society? Possibly. Guys are too afraid to tell their wives to take their last name and now they are too afraid to tell their wives that the kids are going to at least get their last name?? Nope, now the kids have to share the two. CHRIST. What a pain in the balls too. Did this kid have to write out both all of the time growing up? I don’t remember, does he have both on the back of his jersey? If he doesn’t, does his mom give him shit for not ‘respecting’ her? What a mess. Everyone rags on people for giving their kids stupid first names, but this is worse.

My daughters watch a show on TLC called ‘Hi 5’…Three on the show has hyphenated names. 2 of them are female, one of those two are married…the other one…yep, fella with two last names.

This is different then having a family middle name too. The family middle name is pretentious sure, but a man having two last names is just a step above actual castration.

So this is my formal request to Maddox Jolie-Pitt. I’m looking to you to take a stand little man. Your pop was very cool at a time…..Well actually; He was pretty much cool right up until he started nailing your mom (she sucks by the way)…Admittedly, she did have a time when wasn’t bad, showing her boobies in movies and letting Billy Bob go for the 3rd input in limo’s on the way to awards shows. But something happened after their divorce. She turned into an overbearing twat that has systematically taken the fun out of everything that has come near her…Oh wait, it was you. Yeah, never mind. This is your entire fault. You aren’t going to be able to help. You are probably going to make this even trendier. You are doomed to be a pussy. A wicked RICH pussy that gets more ass than most boy bands could ever dream of, but a pussy none the less.

F-you Hyphen!

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Anonymous said...

Just FYI: This guy is only 21 and not married, his last name is Sewell. His mother kept Patterson after divorcing his father. So he has Patterson-Sewell. The name his mother goes by and his real last name.