Sunday, March 2, 2008

The WO Poll - March '08

Its poll time again. Not a ton of movement this month. I'm not sure if we are getting lazier or if there just aren't enough hot girls in the news and on tv lately to make us change our minds. I'm going with the former, let me know if you think differently. Again, the format is an absolute work in progress. If anyone has any ideas on how to create a template or table, us halfwits at the WO headquarters would appreciate it!

On to the rankings...

1. (1) Kristen Bell - Three Polls, three top spots. I don't know what more we can say about her. She is just fantastic. Heroes needs to come back soon. Please. Seriously.

2. (2) Jennifer Love Hewitt - She is just a default choice in this spot now. Between her bitching to the media about her crappy swimsuit photos, banging yet another douchebag, and Ghost Whisperer becoming unwatchable, I don't know how much more leeway she is going to get….

3. (3) Mandy Moore - Its hard to move such absolute beauty. She isn't doing much to keep her name in the headlines, but damn she is fun to look at.

4. (4) Elisha Cuthbert - Another one that isn't doing a ton right now, other than being ridiculously hot. She gives off the vibe that even shlubs like us here at WO could possibly have a shot too. We appreciate that. We really do.

5. (6) Summer Glau - If robots seriously ever looked like this, the world would become exinct in very short order. I'm actually hoping fox cancels the show, I would like to speed up the nude pictorial process.

6. (NR) Hayden Panettiere - Big Jump for the young lady. She recently posed with Kbell in People, that might have had something to do with it. Either that or the staff at WO has a thing for 18 year olds…either one.

7. (10) Keira Knightley - Makes a move up the list…just because she is on the radar now and lets face it, she is Keira Fucking Knightley.

8. (5) Megan Fox - Slides down the Poll a little again this month (NIIIICE)….Some of us have moved on from the tattoed sexpot. Others? Not so much.

9. (9) Vida Guerra - Hot latin ladies are always welcome. Vida holds on to the 9 spot this month. Lets see what happens in April if there is any campaigning. Its hard to argue that she isn't worthy of a higher ranking, right?

10. (8) Blake Lively - I'm afraid Blake might be at the end of her stay on the WO poll. If Gossip Girl doesn't come back soon, I can't see her making it into April. Katherine Hiegl just lost out to her this month…we will see...

And there is the top 10 for March. We only had one drop from this month, Jessica Alba. She is showing and that just isn't what the WO poll is about. Just missing the cut were Julia Stiles (and all of her love for Metro) and Katherine Heigl....If the WO staff spots Julia at the Meadowlands in April again, there could most definitely be a change.

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