Monday, March 3, 2008

His Name Is Dalton ~ RIP Jeff

Dalton: You play pretty good for a blind white boy.
Cody: Yea, and I thought you'd be bigger.

I am perhaps the worst person to be writing this up. I was never a big Jeff Healey Band fan (I did enjoy the jazz stuff though), but I was a big Road House fan. As you should all know by now Jeff Healey has succumbed to cancer.

He lost his sight at age one due to retinoblastoma, and his eyes were surgically removed. Jeff didn't let it hold him back. It was at age three that he picked up a guitar, and developed his own unique style of playing and sound.

Now I'm not trying to turn this into a wikipedia post, or an actual news story. I just wanted to show respect for a talented artist. Thoughts, prayers and well wishes out to Jeff's wife and two kids.

And Jeff... in the W.O.'s heart... you are immortal. Thank you for everything.


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