Saturday, January 5, 2008

Worthless Movie Review - Sol Goode

Random weekend posting.....We will try and throw up some reviews of movies you might not have noticed on the first run..or things that are kicking around On Demand or on Net Flix that are worth giving a shot.


This movie slid right under the radar. I love everyone in it too...Don't know how I missed it. Anyway. What a great movie.

Bathalzar Getty plays 'Sol Goode' who is a degenerate playboy living off his parents money. Him and his buddy Cooper just try and nail chicks and have as little responsibility as possible..That is their job. Really flimsy plot line but, way too much fun. Excellent cast too...Jamie Kennedy is Sol's roommate with an irritable bowel and a (figuratively speaking) pain in the ass for a fiance (Natasha Gregson Wagner.) Cheri Oteri plays a crazed agent and boss to Jamie Kennedy. Jonathan Scheach (of That Thing You Do fame) plays Sol's well hung Cowboy cousin (!?!?!?) and Tori Spelling has a nice little turn as a foul mouthed f-buddy of Sol's. It is awesome. Carmen Electra, Jared Leto and Christina Applegate all have cameos and are fantastic. Hell, I might run right out and buy it after work. If for no other reason than to hear:

"I have such a bangover this morning"
"I have to work on my salad"
For some reason, salad is hair....And for some other reason, this is extremely funny to me.

Max Perlich also has a brilliant appearance as a mulleted waiter who knew Sol in High School. His line:

"You fucked my sister, Nicole the Hole. You remember me?"
The best thing was, this line is said out of genuine admiration....Also, Max Perlich is an f-ing pimp. I'm fairly happy anytime he shows up in anything.

Trust me.....Take the 90 minutes and watch this movie....It will make you laugh. Alot.

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