Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lost and Found: Baby

Original Post: 29 Nov 2007 (Thursday)
(ed- of course I went for the Spanish cover)

Instead of working, Buford and Barry (me) tend to email each other back and forth throughout the day. We may have touched on Jennifer Love getting engaged, and her many questionable beaus of the past. We may have touched on Kristen Bell racing up the charts like a rocket into our respective Top 5's (ed- See the WO Poll for updates). We may have talked about Buford tearing up during Rocky last night (ed- Sorry again). The point is these emails get us through the day. So let me give you an excerpt.

Buford: There is a new movie I saw a preview for before Enchanted this weekend (shut up, 3 daughters, it happens) about the Loch Ness Monster as a baby... that looks like it will amuse me.

Barry: Remember that movie "Baby" about the kidnapping of the baby Brontosaurus (I realize they don't exist anymore... and are now called Apatosaurus's or something)... I got to find a copy of that somewhere. I loved it as a kid, and only remember the mama tied down to a pontoon boat going out of the jungle.

Buford: Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We used to have that on VHS and my sister watched it all of the time...that was dope. I would totally watch that again.

Barry: That movie was huge and it just disappeared off the face of the earth. I don't know what happened. Ebay. I just remember buying Baby trading cards and Baby candy. Weird how it just disappears

Buford: That is really had a big push and no staying power....I now want to wrack my brain and think of others like that...Neverending Story maybe? Willow? I don't know...

Barry: The Neverending Story is on every now and then so I have to disagree with that. I know Disney burried The Black Cauldron (ed- Don't forget Song of the South) though... Dragonslayer was huge for a minute. I'd say Monster Squad but they just released that again. The Boy Who Could Fly? Do they show that anymore? This is tougher than it looks.

Buford: The Boy Who Could Fly has been on HBO family in the past few months...WOW that did not hold up well. Black Cauldron...Dark Crystal? I don't know...Baby is probably the best one...they did everything for it. And then it just vanished. Amazing.

So anyway... that's a little portion of the email conversation we had. This is where we need your help. The movie was called Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985). Isn't IMDB great? This movie had a marketing push that was insane. So much merchandise was available.

Now you may ask yourself... "Barry and Levon, where did you get two-hundred and forty dollars?"

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Don't worry your pretty little head about it, baby.
Whoops flashback.

You may ask yourself... "Barry... Buford... what do you want for us?"
Simple answer? We want you to help us think of a movie with a huge marketing and promotional push, which disappeared off the face of the Earth. Perhaps a little bigger than Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend.

Please help. I've already spent too many hours trying to figure this out. This also means I spent zero time on the edit of this blog. Take it for what it's worth.

Thank you
Barry Wiley

Update: We know you're out there... we have never solicited for comments before. Please... just give us a heads up. It's still killing my brain. Thanks again.


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